Continental Finance Verve credit cards can be applied for by consumers who have bad credit histories. It is estimated that there are more than 3 million visitors who visit their website each month, which is an impressive amount of traffic. It has been proven that business people and consumers who have a Verve credit card can enjoy several benefits as a result of their use.


A Verve credit card registered with Continental Finance provides members with access to their accounts online. Customers must already have activated their Verve card to register for online account access. The VerveCardInfo is a great first credit card choice for people who plan to pay it off every month or for people who have had credit problems in the past and are unable to obtain a credit card from most companies.

There is an annual fee associated with the Verve card of $125 when you open your account for the first time, but there is an annual fee of $96 every year after that. Verve credit card customers are also notified every month that their Verve credit card account has been credited with a $5 monthly maintenance fee. The credit limit for your first Verve statement is usually $500, but a monthly fee of $125 will reduce it to $500 due to the annual fee.


There’s no doubt that the Continental Verve credit card offers consumers the opportunity to start building a positive credit history while accessing the rewards program and managing their accounts. Continental Verve allows consumers to start building their credit history. The card allows members to make small purchases using their available credit line without prepaying large sums of cash or collateral, allowing them to use their available credit line efficiently.