Mobile App

You are able to manage your finances anytime and anywhere you have access to the Internet through Verve Mobile, a banking service that is fast, secure, and easy to use. You can also quickly view your balances without having to log in by enabling the quick view option.


By logging in, the user can view past transaction history, check remaining balance, sign electronic statements, activate a card, update account information, and much more. Read on to find out the steps to apply for the Verve CardInfo.

Verve Card Mobile App Features

  • Quickly check balances, pay bills, send money to friends and family, and transfer funds between accounts.
  • Set up notifications to receive alerts about deposits, overdue accounts, low balance/overdraft risk, large purchases, purchases from specific categories or merchants, large withdrawals, password changes, and more.
  • Find ATMs and branches near you.
  • Customize your experience with a simple, intuitive design and customize money management information to help you categorize and track spending habits.
  • Easily accessible customer service options including in-app video chat as well as live phone support and chat messages.


  • Become a member immediately, open an additional account or apply for a loan.
  • Log in with your fingerprint or Face ID (depending on device performance) for enhanced security technology.
  • Add your Verve credit or debit cards to your mobile wallet.
  • View detailed transaction descriptions.
  • Activate and deactivate your card in the app to deactivate or activate purchases on your card, which is especially useful if your card is lost or stolen.

Continental Finance issues the Verve Card or the Verve Credit Card. It is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has many perks. Online account access is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read the guide below for an overview of the registration process.